Player of the Year:  Collin Chubb Fertal  SR South Eugene

Goal Keeper of the Year:  Evan Clark, SR Willamette

Coach of the Year:  Jurgen Ruckaberle, South Eugene

FIRST TEAM                                                           SECOND TEAM

Collin ChubbFertal SR  South Eugene          Tanner Hunt  SR  Roseburg               Cade Binkerd SO  Sheldon                              Pablo Gonzalez  SR  South Medford          Noah Burke SR  Willamette                            Luke Serrage SR  GP                           Jesus Velazco JR  South Eugene                    Luis Cerna JR  North Medford           Jose Gallegos SR  North Medford                 Angel Zamores JR  North Medford Jailany Thiaw JR  South Eugene                   Luke Burke SO  Willamette           Hersson Guitron SR  South Medford           Griffin Jeskey JR  Willamette         Connor Cubic SR  Grants Pass                       Mason Dallegge SR  Sheldon                 Sean Walsh SR  South Eugene                       Spencer Smith JR  South Eugene              Sai Bliss-King SO  South Eugene                   Isaac Wright SR  South Eugene       Elijah Reed SO  South Eugene

Goal Keeper:                                               GoalKeeper: 

Evan Clark SR  Willamette                           Josh Ganter SR  South Eugene


Carlos Cordoba JR  North Medford             Kenny Burton SR  Grants Pass

Andrew Yun JR  Roseburg                             Enrique Gonzales-Diaz  SR  Grants Pass

Jacob Wilson JR  Roseburg

Dax Bollinger SR Sheldon

Oliver Opdahl SR Sheldon

Giovanni Vasquez-Silva  JR  Sheldon

Colby Lincoln Bates JR  Willamette

Adalberto Becerra SR  Willamette

Jonah Michael SR  South Medford

Goal Keepers: 

Scott Choi   SR  Sheldon,

Kendal James   JR  North Medford

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A 10 year veteran of Table Rock Sports, Demi has been a staple in the Southern Oregon sports market for years. A past President of the Medford Linebackers, the PA Announcer at Spiegelberg Stadium for more games than anyone in Southern Oregon, the voice of the Black Tornado, Southern Oregon Renegades, Southern Oregon Riverdawgs and many others teams and organizations. Demi works sports on Friday Night Fast Breaks and Friday Night Football on KTVL-TV Channel 10 during those seasons as well.

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