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I have stated to the 4-time World Champion Bareback Rider Bobby Mote several times on my radio Show (ESPN Radio 940-AM Bend) that he is the Brett Favre of  Rodeo, so to speak.

At 36, he refuses to give-in, or quit, until he becomes the only Cowboy to claim 5 World Champion Bareback buckles. And, in a sport that is a young man’s game, Mote is pushing the envelope each event.

Mote, who resides in nearby Culver, claimed his first ever Title in Pendleton today after 16-seasons as he edged fellow Oregonian Austin Foss by just 1-point.

It’s Mote’s 12th win of the season, and brings him closer to securing his 12th straight trip to Las Vegas in December for a shot an unprecedented 5th World Title at the (NFR) National Finals Rodeo.

(Hear interview with Bobby Mote on ESPN Radio 940 below)

And, Mote wants that Championship Buckle bad!  Why?

What made this signature win at Pendleton all the more satisfying was knowing  just how far Mote has come to reach this day.

A year ago at this time, Mote was fresh out of Seattle Harborview Medical Center in Washington, recovering from life-threatening injuries and surgery to repair a lacerated pancreas.

He was 200 miles away from home, listening on as some other Cowboy took his Pendleton victory lap.

Finally, Mote got to glide around the famed Happy Canyon Arena as the Pendleton Round-Up Bareback Champion. For his win he took home $5,000, and a total of $11,000 for the event.

He’s, without question, one of the nicest pro athletes I’ve met and had on my sports Shows in 10-years.

In fact, we had booked him for an interview on Friday the 14th hoping to speak with him on the heels of the days competition, but because his event was behind schedule, we missed him.

The class act he is, called anyhow while we were off the air, and apologized. Accepted as he needs not to offer such because he’s such a humble person, and so down to earth.

So, you’ll hear his thoughts on this Title in Pendleton on our Monday Show at 5p.

I think Pro Rodeo Cowboys are tougher then snot, and are the best athletes in the world as they earn only what they earn, with no gauranteed contracts, or bonuses….and, risk their life flirting with potentially disasterous consequences competing with animals.

Should be fun on our Show Monday, as it is always good  to hear Mote talk about growing up to be a Cowboy. And, one damn great Cowboy at that. 

(Photo credits to Bob Click & Dan Hubbell)


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