Rangers Hungry For 4A Championship This Fall

After a blow to North Bend in the Semi-Finals last year, Seniors Nick Keller and Jared Weaver look to carry Estacada to a title


ESTACADA, OR – On a cool August morning, Head Coach Andy Mott has only one thing on his mind, “Practice makes perfect.” The players are repeating the same play over and over again until it’s second nature. It’s time for football season in Estacada and the rumors are flying high around the town on the team.


With the departure of quarterback Andy Avants, wide receiver Sam Blankenship, running back Doug Kirchoffer, and several others, the players know they have to step up their game. “All the older kids have been playing varsity minutes from their sophomore year, so there’s a good consistency there”, said Mott in a phone interview about the upcoming year. “I think the biggest thing is getting the younger guys up to speed so they will be prepared. We have some new faces that didn’t even play for us last year that are stepping in for us on varsity.”


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Estacada’s Head Coach Andy Mott laughing with the team during practice