Stayton Snaps Shaff Road Losing Streak


The one down side to dominating a rival is that winning streak is going to come to an end at some point. And that can make for an especially good evening for the dominated rival.


Such was the case Friday night for Stayton, when the Eagles ended a 12 game Cascade winning streak that was 5 days short of 6 years long, with a 55-51 win over their rivals from a few miles out Shaff Road.


That was the only other Eagle win over the Cougars in the last decade. But being on the down end of a 19-2 run is still better than being 1-19 as Stayton was starting the evening.


The Cougars’ undoing was a direct product of a combination of a very cold start, and another nearly 5 minute scoreless drought to start the 4th quarter. That allowed the more consistent Eagles to play with the lead wire to wire, and withstand Cascade’s rallys.