Tablerock Sports’ Athlete of the Week: Megan Ayers

Some people find their passion through years of professional work, some through college courses and then there’s Megan Ayers, a 18-year old softball stud for Eagle Point. From listening to Ayers talk about Softball it is clear she has found her passion. “I have been playing softball my whole life and I’ve dedicated a lot into this sport. It’s truly amazing to see it translate onto the field,” according to Megan.

The work that she has put into her passion is paying off in a big way. Ayers has recorded a 1.7 ERA, 156 strikeouts, 33 walked hitters and has only given up 69 hits on the year. Oh, and don’t forget that she also recored a no-hitter earlier in the year. “Oh, it was pretty cool, plus it was on my eighteenth birthday… I have thrown a couple in my career,” is what Megan, nonchalantly, said about throwing the no hitter.

She has also been putting in some serious work behind the plate as well. She has currently racked up a .635 batting average, 42 RBIs and eight home runs on the season. More recently, she is coming off of a 6-for-8, two home run and 21 strikeout performance in a double header against Springfield (4-19, 3-14 MWL) on Saturday. When asked if she likes striking a batter out or hitting a homer better, she responded with, “I think there both equally as rewarding.”

Ayers and Eagle Point (17-4, 13-3 MWL) recorded an even bigger win on Tuesday against the number one ranked team in the state and first in the Midwestern League, Marist Catholic (20-1, 14-1 MWL). It was the Eagles first time beating, powerhouse, Marist Catholic since 2012 and Ayers first time ever beating them.

“It honestly, It still hasn’t wrapped around my brain that we won yet. Still, it’s remarkable. I feel very blessed for all my team mates and all the hard work that we did. It’s just, it’s truly amazing,” according to the softball stud.

Megan was well known around Eagle Point high school way before she even thought about attending EP high. Megan’s mom Kimberly Ayers, but known at the time as Kim Britt, pitched for Eagle Point Softball from 1985-1989 and was not too shabby herself. “Kim was the number one pitcher for Eagle Point as well. She wasn’t as powerful of a pitcher as Megan, but the game was different back then,” according to Eagle Point’s head softball coach Jon White. Kim didn’t move far from E.P. high. She is now an escrow officer for the Eagle Point school district and helps with Eagle Point softball whenever she can.

Megan is also heavily involved in her schools FFA program and says that she participates and competes in FFA events all the time. If Megan isn’t playing softball or doing something FFA related then she is probably outdoors hunting or fishing. She will continue her softball career at Southern Oregon University, where she will pursue a degree in sports medicine.


Kenny Morales