The NFL’s Most Underrated WR

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Does this player deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame
Mike Evans went crazy this week putting up 10 catches for 207 yards and 3 TDS. He is insanely underrated.
With this great week, mike Evans was able to record his 9th straight season with 1,000 receiving yards

Mike Evans is the only player to have 1,000 receiving yards in every season of their career
Mike Evans also is tied for the 3rd most 1,000-yard season of all time

with just 1 more 1,000 yard seasons he would be top 3 all time with the two goats of the position Randy Moss (10) and Jerry Rice (14)

So is Mike Evans a future hall of famer?

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  1. Brianmc305 says

    He doesn’t even need another ring, he is one of the most consistent WRs of All time
    He ranks 45 in all time career receiving
    To put into perspective Calvin Johnson has 11,619 yards all time, no Super Bowl rings, and is in the HOF

  2. delusional cheifs fan says

    I mean if he does this for 3 more seasons he deserves it. That probably wont happen depending on who the qb will be

  3. Platypus🩳 says

    I’ve always liked Mike evans for some reason. But now after hearing about this I like him even more

  4. Bradley Kyle says

    Imagine if he didn’t have lattimore making him his b*tch twice a year too he would have even better numbers