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We are busy getting ready for the 2012-13 high school sports season already with plenty of new and exciting things on the horizon for our fans.  First, we’ll be set with radio stations including AM 730, AM 610 and FM 89.5.    Our teams include the North Medford Black Tornado, South Medford Panthers, Ashland Grizzlies and Crater Comets.
Sponsorships are available for our games.  From all four team sponsorships to a single team we need you.  Remember at Table Rock Sports, along with our sponsors, we contribute funds to our schools.  Since 1992, we have contrbuted more than $132,000 to our schools and SOU athletics.  We can all be proud of our accomplishments.
This season we add video to our audio broadcasts that will be available for all home games and selected road games.  We are excited about adding this important new element to our broadcasts.  Sponsorship opportunities are available by calling Joe Brett at 5541 621 7037.
So beginning this Fall, you’ll be able to watch your favorite team on the Internet or your Smart Phone.  That’s a big change and an exciting one for us.
Also, if you know somebody who might want to help with video or even play by play assistants give us  a call.  Rest assured that during the next few months we will be busy getting ready for the new season.  One that will change forever the way we call games.  Twenty one years after our first radio broadcasts, things are just getting more interesting and exciting all the time.
We will see you again on opening weekend, Friday 31 August.  It’s really just around the corner.

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